Welcome to HairLab.  We are in the practice of bringing the full range of trichological services to Southaven MS. and the surrounding area of Memphis, TN.

We provide personal and private consultation for a wide range of hair and scalp conditions.  HairLab provides diagnosis and treatments for hair-loss and thinning hair, bald patches, scaly scalp conditions, itching and damaged hair shaft issues. 
Our Board Certified Trichologist; Gail, is always available to help you with your scalp and hair concerns.  Gail holds a BBA degree in Accounting and MS Cosmetology/TN Cosmetology Instructor's lic.  She is also an educator for BosleyPro Company which is an affiliate of Bosley, Inc.  
Trichology seminars are currently being offered to those who share a great interest in scalp and hair disorders.  if you are a stylist, instructor, director of cosmetology/barber school or anyone who would like to learn more about this growing industry call and set up an appointment or make an appointment via our website.  

Not all trichologists are trained in microscopic analysis. This cutting edge technique is the most accurate way to diagnose the cause of hair loss.  With the proper diagnoses, I am able to prescribe the most appropriate treatment program.  Microscopic analysis takes the guesswork out of treating symptomatic problems and it gets to the root of the problem by treating the actual cause    
A.   A qualified trichologist is someone who has successfully completed a trichology educational program.  The program subject matter includes Human Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Microscopy, Hair and Scalp Maladies, Ultra VioletElectro-therapyInfrared treatments and Low Light Laser Therapy.    
A.   Trichologists are consulted for many different reasons; here are a few that you may recognize: Alopecia (hair loss or balding) - Slow hair growth - Seborrheic (oily scalp) - Psoriasis - Seborrheic Dermatitis and Eczema Dandruff - Pruritus (itching) - Dry,  Damaged, Thinning,  Breakage, Scaling and etc.  During the initial consultation, the trichologist will determine the problem.  This is when their knowledge and experience is most useful.
A detailed analysis of the scalp and hair may be necessary to help the trichologist determine the cause of the problem and the best way to treat it.  Once the cause is established, the trichologist will decide:  
  1. If your problem requires treatment and, if so, what treatment would be most beneficial. 
  2. If your problem is such that referral to a medical doctor is necessary. 
  3. if surgical procedures are required, your trichologist will advise you on the best and most effective methods available.
A.   In certain cases of hair loss and breakage, microscopic analysis of hair is essential to establish the type of problem that exists. A Microscopic analysis can be used to:
  • Establish whether your rate of hair loss is excessive. 
  • Determine if the growing hair bulbs are normal. 
  • Assess the structural damage to hair. 
  • Confirm the presence of lice or a fungal infection. 
  • Determine the severity of alopecia areata - a stress related problem. 
  • Confirm protein-malnutrition in suspected cases. 
  • Confirm the presence of certain inherited hair problems.
  • Confirm wheather a Mineral Analysis Examination is necessary.
 A.    The Hair Mineral Analysis Test assess the body's mineral and toxin levels, the hair mineral analysis test can check for even the smallest amounts of toxins, heavy metals, trace elements, contaminants, vitamin and mineral deficiency with a hair sample.  
These levels relate to body levels and imbalances and can suggest nutritional and systemic problems that affect the hair and skin.   These samples are sent to a laboratory for testing.
What To Expect On Your Initial Visit
Our Board Certified Trichologist will carefully question each client and examine the hair and scalp thoroughly to assess the problem and its causes. When there is hair loss involved, the trichologist may decide to examine your scalp and hair via a microscope.  
A digital microscopic analysis is preformed on your hair and scalp, while you view via the computer. The Trichologist must determine if she can treat the problem; if not, she will make a referral to the proper physician. 

Treatment Methods
Treatments might consist of hair detoxification, scalp exfoliation, stress therapy treatments (Electro Therapy),
low light laser therapy( LLLT) and the application of topical formulations to the hair and scalp and a home maintenance system.
However, maximum results are almost always accomplished when poor nutritional diets and unwholesome life styles are eliminated.
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